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#1 The Year in Review

January 1, 2018Happy New Year everyone!I am just sitting here reflecting on 2017 listening to Floyd's "Great Gig in the Sky". For some reason, Pink Floyd never seems to fail in setting the mood. It was a crazy year in many regards, but then again, we are the Hales, and we are in the website / media business after all, so it's somewhat expected.Security upgrades and a Solar Eclipse dominated the headlines for our most recently completed trip around the sun.The year began with a few quirks and by March we felt the server wasn't performing the best.Prior to May of 2017 we had our website business running on a server that was built in 2008.  We felt it was time for a new server so we upgraded to a machine that has a processor that is twice as fast and has 4x as much RAM (memory). We also doubled our hard drive (storage capacity) and our server company has all of our websites and data backed up 5 times daily, as opposed to once a week before. In August we realized the…