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The Power of Synergy in Partnerships

  Synergy opens the door to amazing possibilities
Synergy is one of my favorite concepts. It's much like Warren Buffett who enjoys "Compounding Interest", while athletes love "Big Mo" on their side. Synergy to a mathematician might be multiplication or exponentials, but whatever background you come from, Synergy is important in any relationship.
Basically speaking, Synergy is the concept of the total being greater than the sum of two forces or objects. 
Is it possible for 1 + 1 = 3? Scientifically, "Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed, only transformed", right? So what's going on here?
This magic formula is brought to life through the art of building relationships. Unity, teamwork, and synergy itself can only be possible when great minds think and move alike in the same positive direction. 
Unfortunately, this does not happen overnight. It takes long hours, late nights, early mornings, lots of driving, meetings, and lots of time building the b…
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Highest Security Standards

100% Security is a misnomer. That which can be secured, can be compromised. 

As server administrators, we all work round the clock to fend off the more than 10,000 attempted attacks that hit our servers each day. That's a lot of blocked shots, if you're keeping score.

As history has shown, hackers can sure cause some temporary grief for us all. 

Most hackers simply steal resources rather than doing something malicious like stealing vital information or corrupting your data. The most common hacker is simply a robot that is stealing your bandwidth, comparable to a neighbor stealing your cable signal. It continues until they discover it and then the company shuts you down, not them. 

There are several things you can do to constantly keep up with proper security levels to lessen the chance of a compromise of your resources. We can never guarantee 100% security, but we have beefed up our defense systems - which will cost all of us just a little bit more per month, but is definitely wor…

Meet MariaDB

Our Easy-Update Technology developed for use in our custom Control Panels has always been powered by aMySqlDatabase Server, for a good 20+ years now. 

Now, it's a whole new ballgame withMariaDB, the new MySql Engine of the database world, and we have it!

Nowourclients will experienceMariaDBand receive the same benefits as Nasdaq, Verizon and Walgreens – industry leaders who trustMariaDBto deliver unmatched speed & performance, operational reliability and drive collaborative innovation. 

Learn more about MariaDB here.

How much does an average website cost?

Ah, the age-old question whose definitive answer has eluded us for over two decades, "How much does an average website cost?"

Being from the computer programming world at the time when websites were first being created, this question has obviously come across my radar on numerous occasions. When I first started building websites, it was me asking the question. Now, after 20 years in the website business, I believe I have answered this question more times than the Army asked me my Social Security number (and that's a lot).

It was 1996 and the popularity of the public web was growing rapidly with aol and yahoo leading the way. I worked for a small internet magazine in Oklahoma and had an idea for a website. My idea was to take a database of local businesses with websites and stick them into a searchable online website. I couldn't find a designer that could do what I wanted to do, let alone a cost estimate.  Thus began my journey to learn html, php and sql; the languag…

#1 The Year in Review

January 1, 2018Happy New Year everyone!I am just sitting here reflecting on 2017 listening to Floyd's "Great Gig in the Sky". For some reason, Pink Floyd never seems to fail in setting the mood. It was a crazy year in many regards, but then again, we are the Hales, and we are in the website / media business after all, so it's somewhat expected.Security upgrades and a Solar Eclipse dominated the headlines for our most recently completed trip around the sun.The year began with a few quirks and by March we felt the server wasn't performing the best.Prior to May of 2017 we had our website business running on a server that was built in 2008.  We felt it was time for a new server so we upgraded to a machine that has a processor that is twice as fast and has 4x as much RAM (memory). We also doubled our hard drive (storage capacity) and our server company has all of our websites and data backed up 5 times daily, as opposed to once a week before. In August we realized the…

What's an App?

You may have heard the saying, 'there's an app for that' and it's true, there are millions of 'apps' created for all kinds of reasons.  So, before we go any further, what's an 'app'?

Before I could explain to my customers how valuable it might be to have an app, I knew it would necessary to answer this basic question. So, I asked a couple of web savvy folks I knew and here's what their responses were to this elusive question;

Sean Brandt, owner of a website design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska wrote, "Custom software developed and branded to meet the needs and wants of an organization's audience. A mobile site utilizes a browser on your mobile phone and it usually functions like your main website in design and content usually built by a web designer. A mobile app is a stand alone application on a mobile phone that has it's own graphical user interface fulfilling a specific niche pertaining to your organization that is built by an app deve…

2016 Update

It's been an exciting three years since we dove into the world of mobile app development. We've been building and promoting websites since 1996 and knew it was time to take the leap.  We also believed it was time to move away from our home area of the Panhandle of Western Nebraska to a slightly bigger market area, one that was closer to a tech hub, but not too close to the 'big city'.  We are, and always will be more acclimated to the rural lifestyle than the city.

We selected Wichita Falls, Texas since it met that criteria plus more.

AgMarketOnline, our ag search engine, is an annual exhibitor at the Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo that Darren and Tana Dale of Star Expos host each year in March so we had a chance to get to know this big town/small city that people commonly confuse with Wichita, Kansas.  Wichita Falls is the approximate geographical center of OKC, Dallas and Amarillo.

Star Expos is a 700 Club sponsor on and we've been …