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2020 : A Most Productive Year

What has Hale Multimedia been up to lately? Well, if I could go off script I would say, "we've been through some stuff"...  But then again, most of us have been through some stuff over the past year or two, right? We believe God has a plan for each of us and this is the path that He seems to have laid out for us over the past two years in preparation for the pandemic. By most accounts, one would say that the pandemic started around March 15, or the date that the President declared a National Emergency. That might have been the date when some people learned of the virus, but most folks knew of the virus well before that. I believe most people became aware in January or early February with some even believing that they may have been infected as early as November of 2019. 113 projects  : This represents the minimum number of website, programming and marketing projects that we worked on in 2020.  45 website launches  : I was pleasantly surprised by this number. It represents
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Scotts Bluff County Scanner celebrates 10 years on-the-air

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner live scanner feed provided by Hale Multimedia began back in September of 2010 when a friend of ours came to us with the idea.  At the time, there were only a handful of counties in Nebraska and surrounding states that had a volunteer to provide the feed.  We did some research and learned that we could become a volunteer and provide a live feed via the internet making it possible for anyone in the world to listen to the Scotts Bluff County police, fire and rescue scanner traffic.  We then figured it would be smart to let the Sheriff and the head of Communications know about our idea to see if they had any objections. Consent is not required, but we wanted to have it anyway. They did not object. We always want to emphasize the importance of staying out of the way in any emergency situation. Police officers have a duty to secure the area and their directions should be followed if told to move. In 2013, Hale Multimedia moved their main office to Wichit

Saving Cowboy True 2020

We have always appreciated a challenge, especially when it comes to helping an organization or cause that we support. Well, that was the case with Cowboy True, a local arts organization that was needing help bringing it all together in this new virtual world. That's where we came in. It started when I received a referral from one of our great friends and partners, Tana Dale of Star Expos. We have worked with them for over 10 years and the experience has been all positive.  Darren and Tana own Star Expos and put on three big agricultural trade shows each year in Wichita Falls, Texas, Great Bend, Kansas and McCook, Nebraska.  In fact, we relocated to Wichita Falls after being exposed to it through the trade shows. With less than one month before the show was to begin, we were asked if we could build a Virtual Art Show that would allow both Judging, Sponsors, Full Artist Galleries and give them the ability to conduct their auction, all online, in approximately 3 weeks. I k

How to Make Lemonade from 2020

Let's face it. The world as we knew it has turned upside side over the past year. Covering all that has happened is another story. This post is about moving forward, despite the onslaught of fresh lemons around us. How to make lemonade; - one full scoop of 2020 - add faith and resolve Stay Calm, Serve Chilled. Love others and we will get our country back.

The Power of Synergy in Partnerships

  Synergy opens the door to amazing possibilities What is Synergy and Is It Automatically There? Synergy is one of my favorite concepts. It's much like Warren Buffett who enjoys "Compounding Interest", while athletes love "Big Mo" on their side. Synergy to a mathematician might be multiplication or exponentials, but whatever background you come from, Synergy is important in any relationship, and critical in business partnerships as you will see in the illustration below. Basically speaking, Synergy is the concept of the total being greater than the sum of two forces or objects.  Is it possible for 1 + 1 = 3? Scientifically, "Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed, only transformed", right? So what's going on here? This magic formula is brought to life through the art of building relationships. Unity, teamwork, and synergy itself can only be possible when great minds think and move alike in the same positive direction.  Unfortunat

Highest Security Standards

100% Security is a misnomer. That which can be secured, can be compromised.  As server administrators, we all work round the clock to fend off the more than 10,000 attempted attacks that hit our servers each day. That's a lot of blocked shots, if you're keeping score. As history has shown, hackers can sure cause some temporary grief for us all.  Most hackers simply steal resources rather than doing something malicious like stealing vital information or corrupting your data. The most common hacker is simply a robot that is stealing your bandwidth, comparable to a neighbor stealing your cable signal. It continues until they discover it and then the company shuts you down, not them.  There are several things you can do to constantly keep up with proper security levels to lessen the chance of a compromise of your resources. We can never guarantee 100% security, but we have beefed up our defense systems - which will cost all of us just a little bit more per month, but is de

Meet MariaDB

Our Easy-Update Technology developed for use in our custom Control Panels has always been powered by a   MySql   Database Server, for a good 20+ years now.  Now, it's a whole new ballgame with   MariaDB , the new MySql Engine of the database world, and we have it! N ow   our   clients will experience   MariaDB   and receive the same benefits as Nasdaq, Verizon and Walgreens – industry leaders who trust   MariaDB   to deliver unmatched speed & performance, operational reliability and drive collaborative innovation.  Learn more about MariaDB here .