Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What? No NEW customers?

You may have seen our facebook posts on the Hale Multimedia Client Support Group or on our main facebook page, or maybe it was through Twitter that you first heard the news.  Maybe you still don't know what we are talking about...

(We've announced that we are no longer taking any NEW customers.) We had a goal in 1996 to help people expose their new websites on the internet, however, we found less than 10% even had a website!  Therefore, the journey began to help small business owners understand and take advantage of the affordability of a website.  Fast-Forward 20 years where it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the hundreds of wonderful customers and friends around the globe in 3 countries and 25 States! Now that most businesses have a website (over 80% now), we think we can slow down and focus on the ones we have been blessed to serve.

We also understand that the level of service our customers receive is inversely proportional to the number of total clients we have.  That's a simple fact.  With more and more new clients every month, it takes away from the time we would like to spend with our existing customers and their projects.

That's WHY we have announced that we will not take on any new customers beyond Dec 31 2016 (that we are not already working with, or have worked with in the past).  We've decided to turn our focus from new business, to our existing customers. Existing customers can still ask for new projects, or improvements to their existing ones of course.

We will also turn our attention to our agricultural marketing services through Hale Broadcasting and where there are sponsorship packages that include a basic website, but the focus is on the radio and online exposure that our ag search engine and online radio programs have created.

Again, we are excited about turning our focus to our current customers, so please contact us if there is anything you need or have been thinking about!

Appreciatively and Gratefully,

The Hale Family

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