Friday, September 16, 2016

MSU Student Teacher Evaluations App

I was really excited when Midwestern State University called inquiring about a mobile application that could simplify the student teacher evaluation process.  This app has the ability to have a huge positive impact on ensuring teachers are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. Education Apps should be practical and useful, and this idea that Dr. Emily Reeves from the West College of Education shared with us is among the best!

The mobile application, built primarily for tablets and pads, also works on laptops and PC's and can be accessed here ...   It is also available as a smaller mobile application for phones from

The goal of this project was to replace the use of triplicate copies of paper with digital input through the mobile application while storing the data in a secure cloud environment. Secure access is provided to authorized administrative personnel for the purpose of examining and reporting on the data collected.

The overall objective is to improve the quality of teachers entering the workforce. With a better evaluation process that can be more easily monitored and tracked, MSU's West College of Education of Wichita Falls Texas will continue to excel in producing some of the most prepared teachers in the state.

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