Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What? No NEW customers?

You may have seen our facebook posts on the Hale Multimedia Client Support Group or on our main facebook page, or maybe it was through Twitter that you first heard the news.  Maybe you still don't know what we are talking about...

(We've announced that we are no longer taking any NEW customers.) We had a goal in 1996 to help people expose their new websites on the internet, however, we found less than 10% even had a website!  Therefore, the journey began to help small business owners understand and take advantage of the affordability of a website.  Fast-Forward 20 years where it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the hundreds of wonderful customers and friends around the globe in 3 countries and 25 States! Now that most businesses have a website (over 80% now), we think we can slow down and focus on the ones we have been blessed to serve.

We also understand that the level of service our customers receive is inversely proportional to the number of total clients we have.  That's a simple fact.  With more and more new clients every month, it takes away from the time we would like to spend with our existing customers and their projects.

That's WHY we have announced that we will not take on any new customers beyond Dec 31 2016 (that we are not already working with, or have worked with in the past).  We've decided to turn our focus from new business, to our existing customers. Existing customers can still ask for new projects, or improvements to their existing ones of course.

We will also turn our attention to our agricultural marketing services through Hale Broadcasting and where there are sponsorship packages that include a basic website, but the focus is on the radio and online exposure that our ag search engine and online radio programs have created.

Again, we are excited about turning our focus to our current customers, so please contact us if there is anything you need or have been thinking about!

Appreciatively and Gratefully,

The Hale Family

Thursday, October 6, 2016

What's an App?

You may have heard the saying, 'there's an app for that' and it's true, there are millions of 'apps' created for all kinds of reasons.  So, before we go any further, what's an 'app'?

Before I could explain to my customers how valuable it might be to have an app, I knew it would necessary to answer this basic question. So, I asked a couple of web savvy folks I knew and here's what their responses were to this elusive question;

  • Sean Brandt, owner of a website design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska wrote, "Custom software developed and branded to meet the needs and wants of an organization's audience. A mobile site utilizes a browser on your mobile phone and it usually functions like your main website in design and content usually built by a web designer. A mobile app is a stand alone application on a mobile phone that has it's own graphical user interface fulfilling a specific niche pertaining to your organization that is built by an app developer.
  • Adam Bauer, Marketing Director for Zips Trucks in Iowa replied, "A mobile website is an optimized version of a main website (streamlined, simplified and sized appropriately for smaller screens).  Advantages: easier to find (search engines) and share; less expensive; easier to update; compatible across many devices..
I would say that both are correct. A native mobile app is an application that is downloaded and installed on a mobile device and a web app is an application, usually identical to the native app, that is accessed via a browser or by automatic redirect.

Advantages: can work offline; can utilize native functionality (camera, SMS, GPS,...); higher performance (good for interactivity or gaming); personalization to name a few.

I enjoyed the simplicity of Jeremiah Eli Schweitzer's answer when he wrote, "Something that makes something else easier."

In fact, it was this definition that helped me to realize that I have been building 'apps' or as we call them, 'modules' or 'snippets of code' that have been helping make things easier on the web since 1998 and conventional computers as far back as 1978.  

By this definition, 'apps' are nothing new.  It's the delivery of information that has been under constant evolution - from the invention of the printing press hundreds of years ago to Radio to TV to the amazing tool we all know as the 'Internet'.  The Internet has placed the world's largest library at our fingertips, but without an actual vehicle to deliver the information, it's virtually useless.  

The first vehicle to deliver information over the internet came in the form of large main frame computers.  Eventually PC's, or personal computers found their way into homes and the public began getting news and other information delivered directly to their desktop, as Dr. John Naisbitt predicted in his book Megatrends, nearly 30 years ago.  Websites carried the load to our PC's for many years, and will continue to do so while apps can be thought of as the driving force behind mobile content delivery.

Now, literally thousands of different mobile devices can be easily purchased and eventually nearly everyone will have a mobile device of some sort.  Since Apps are the programs (software) that run these devices, they can easily be seen as the engine that is driving mobile content delivery to new heights.  

In summary, here are a few of the benefits of having an app designed for your business or organization;
  • Apps deliver content to mobile devices more efficiently than a web browser.
  • Apps generally load quicker than websites, or even mobile websites.
  • Apps can be easily custom designed and updated quickly, even more easily than a website.
  • Apps are highly interactive and can pull from other native apps (GPS, Camera, etc)
  • Apps make it possible to connect via all social media sites in one place.
  • Apps are downloaded to your device, enabling access to content when a connection is not available.
  • App developers must pay a fee and abide by strict developer guidelines, therefore creating a natural filtering process of designers.

There are several other specific benefits unique to various industries that are too numerous to mention here, but we would be happy to visit with anyone interested in exploring the possibilities.  My goal for this article was to provide enough information for small business owner's to determine whether or not an app would be a profitable investment in their business.

Brian Hale has been programming computers since 1978 and is a pioneer in web based management.  He's developed over a thousand websites and applications over the past 3+ decades and has a passion for helping others.  He can be contacted at Hale Multimedia; (940) 224-6315 or

Friday, September 16, 2016

Scotts Bluff County Scanner celebrates 6 years

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner facebook page and the live scanner feed provided by Hale Multimedia began back in September of 2010 when a friend of mine came to me with the idea.

At the time, there were only a handful of counties in Nebraska and surrounding states that had a volunteer to provide the feed.  We did some research and learned that we could become a volunteer and provide a live feed via the internet making it possible for anyone in the world to listen to the Scotts Bluff County police, fire and rescue scanner traffic.  We then figured it would be smart to let the Sheriff and the head of Communications know about our idea to see if they had any objections.  Consent is not required but we wanted to have it anyway and they did not object.

We always want to emphasize the importance of staying out of the way in any emergency situation. Police officers have a duty to secure the area and their directions should be followed if told to move.

In 2013, Hale Multimedia moved their main office to Wichita Falls, Texas where they continue to operate as they did before, just from a different virtual headquarters.  The move did however create the need for additional volunteers located in Scotts Bluff County to serve as the live host for the actual scanner that transmits out to the web.  We are very grateful for Brandon Ritterbush and Tyler Weinrich and the sponsorship by the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce.

FOLLOW our facebook page at and get emergency updates, current crime stories, weather alerts, amber alerts, important recall information from ALL the local stations in ONE PLACE! (KNEB + StarHerald + NBC Neb + Gering Citizen + others)

Many people who once lived in or around Scottsbluff or Gering may want to keep up with what's going on in Scotts Bluff County.  Now they can follow the news and LISTEN ONLINE from anywhere in the world! Share this post or the website link provided by Hale Multimedia at You can also download just about any police scanner from the apple and google play stores, then just search for Scotts Bluff County. Our favorite mobile app is Scanner Radio by Gordon Edwards, but any of the good ones work.

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing was born and raised in Scotts Bluff County and has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or

MSU Student Teacher Evaluations App

I was really excited when Midwestern State University called inquiring about a mobile application that could simplify the student teacher evaluation process.  This app has the ability to have a huge positive impact on ensuring teachers are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. Education Apps should be practical and useful, and this idea that Dr. Emily Reeves from the West College of Education shared with us is among the best!

The mobile application, built primarily for tablets and pads, also works on laptops and PC's and can be accessed here ...   It is also available as a smaller mobile application for phones from

The goal of this project was to replace the use of triplicate copies of paper with digital input through the mobile application while storing the data in a secure cloud environment. Secure access is provided to authorized administrative personnel for the purpose of examining and reporting on the data collected.

The overall objective is to improve the quality of teachers entering the workforce. With a better evaluation process that can be more easily monitored and tracked, MSU's West College of Education of Wichita Falls Texas will continue to excel in producing some of the most prepared teachers in the state.

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or

Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Update

It's been an exciting three years since we dove into the world of mobile app development. We've been building and promoting websites since 1996 and knew it was time to take the leap.  We also believed it was time to move away from our home area of the Panhandle of Western Nebraska to a slightly bigger market area, one that was closer to a tech hub, but not too close to the 'big city'.  We are, and always will be more acclimated to the rural lifestyle than the city.

We selected Wichita Falls, Texas since it met that criteria plus more.

AgMarketOnline, our ag search engine, is an annual exhibitor at the Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo that Darren and Tana Dale of Star Expos host each year in March so we had a chance to get to know this big town/small city that people commonly confuse with Wichita, Kansas.  Wichita Falls is the approximate geographical center of OKC, Dallas and Amarillo.

Star Expos is a 700 Club sponsor on and we've been advertising their trade show on the radio for several years now.  Recently (the last 3 years) we have developed a mobile app for all of their expos; Wichita Falls, TX - Great Bend, KS - McCook, NE.

Here's a look at the Mobile App for Star Expos

We arrived in Texas in late August of 2013 and were pleasantly surprised to get an email within the first week from the County Health Department seeking a mobile app for the local walking/biking trail that circles the town.  When asked how they found us, the answer was 'a simple google search for app development in wichita falls'.

Here is a look at the Wichita Falls Trail System Mobile App.

Here's our main company mobile app for Hale Multimedia.
From a mobile device, simply visit

If you have an idea for a mobile app, or if your business has a website but it does not really work right on mobile, then give me a call.  I'll see if I can help you figure out your best solution.

Brian Hale
Hale Multimedia & Mobile Marketing
940 224-6315

Friday, May 8, 2015

ATTENTION : Website and App Clients

Hale Multimedia website and app clients can now sign up to receive instant text notifications from us in case of emergency or for receiving other important information about your account with us.

Examples would be in the case of any widespread server outages, security alerts, required upgrades or if you want to be the first to hear about any special offers.

You can Opt-in by texting JOIN to 940 224-6315 with your name and company.  To Opt-out, simply text STOP to the same number.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Website Design Incorporates Blogspot

The modern world of computer programming moves at the speed of light.  Many days literally fly by before we get a chance to absorb all that we've learned or discovered.  It's fascinating, yet frustrating.  Learning it once is fun, but retaining it and being able to apply what you learn is so much better.

We have discovered that no matter what, every day we learn SOMETHING.  Sometimes it's a new javascript or php command or sometimes it could be completely unrelated to work.  There is just too much information to keep track of, therefore, we have incorporated this blog into our website with the goal of recording what we learn each day.   Blogspot makes it easy to post anything, anytime, directly from a smart phone!