Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Update

It's been an exciting three years since we dove into the world of mobile app development. We've been building and promoting websites since 1996 and knew it was time to take the leap.  We also believed it was time to move away from our home area of the Panhandle of Western Nebraska to a slightly bigger market area, one that was closer to a tech hub, but not too close to the 'big city'.  We are, and always will be more acclimated to the rural lifestyle than the city.

We selected Wichita Falls, Texas since it met that criteria plus more.

AgMarketOnline, our ag search engine, is an annual exhibitor at the Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo that Darren and Tana Dale of Star Expos host each year in March so we had a chance to get to know this big town/small city that people commonly confuse with Wichita, Kansas.  Wichita Falls is the approximate geographical center of OKC, Dallas and Amarillo.

Star Expos is a 700 Club sponsor on and we've been advertising their trade show on the radio for several years now.  Recently (the last 3 years) we have developed a mobile app for all of their expos; Wichita Falls, TX - Great Bend, KS - McCook, NE.

Here's a look at the Mobile App for Star Expos

We arrived in Texas in late August of 2013 and were pleasantly surprised to get an email within the first week from the County Health Department seeking a mobile app for the local walking/biking trail that circles the town.  When asked how they found us, the answer was 'a simple google search for app development in wichita falls'.

Here is a look at the Wichita Falls Trail System Mobile App.

Here's our main company mobile app for Hale Multimedia.
From a mobile device, simply visit

If you have an idea for a mobile app, or if your business has a website but it does not really work right on mobile, then give me a call.  I'll see if I can help you figure out your best solution.

Brian Hale
Hale Multimedia & Mobile Marketing
940 224-6315

Friday, May 8, 2015

ATTENTION : Website and App Clients

Hale Multimedia website and app clients can now sign up to receive instant text notifications from us in case of emergency or for receiving other important information about your account with us.

Examples would be in the case of any widespread server outages, security alerts, required upgrades or if you want to be the first to hear about any special offers.

You can Opt-in by texting JOIN to 940 224-6315 with your name and company.  To Opt-out, simply text STOP to the same number.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Website Design Incorporates Blogspot

The modern world of computer programming moves at the speed of light.  Many days literally fly by before we get a chance to absorb all that we've learned or discovered.  It's fascinating, yet frustrating.  Learning it once is fun, but retaining it and being able to apply what you learn is so much better.

We have discovered that no matter what, every day we learn SOMETHING.  Sometimes it's a new javascript or php command or sometimes it could be completely unrelated to work.  There is just too much information to keep track of, therefore, we have incorporated this blog into our website with the goal of recording what we learn each day.   Blogspot makes it easy to post anything, anytime, directly from a smart phone!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Individual Blogs

When we setup our original blog several years ago, we established it under  We have used this blog for a wide variety of subjects from Hale Multimedia News, to updates, interesting posts from other authors as well as political postings.

We felt it was time to break out and establish individual blogs for both Hale Multimedia and AgMarketOnline, so that is what we've done.  The Hale Multimedia blog is now at and AgMarketOnline is available at

Some of our favorite and most pertinent posts from the past will be imported into the new blogs, so be sure to check them both out often.